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    Indiano & McConnell LLP has 15+ years of focused IP legal experience
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    Indiano & McConnell LLP has validated, filed, protected + litigated hundreds of patents + trademarks
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    Indiano & McConnell LLP specializes in technical + industrial sectors including software, electronics, medical devices + clean technology
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Recent Intellectual Property Legal Successes

Indiano & McConnell LLP Enforces Trademark Rights for Toy Manufacturer

Indianapolis trademark attorney, Dean McConnell, of Indiano & McConnell LLP enforced the trademark rights for toy manufacturer, KM Innovations LLC, by bringing suit against LTD Commodities…
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Indiano & McConnell LLP

IP Legal Expertise

Indiano & McConnell LLP provides IP legal counsel and IP litigation representation to organizations with valuable intellectual property:

  • Fortune 500 corporations with a growing portfolio of IP assets
  • Companies engaged in continuous commercialization mode
  • Organizations with active R&D departments and technology transfer initiatives
  • Businesses that operate in highly competitive global marketplaces
  • Companies with valuable brands, patents, trademarks, copyrights + trade secrets
  • Organizations pursuing mergers and acquisitions that involve intellectual property

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