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Indiano & McConnell LLP is one of the most trusted intellectual property law firms with specialized expertise in technical and industrial market sectors. Our comprehensive IP legal experience includes over 15 years of patent law, trademark law, copyright law and trade secrets law. We help our clients legally validate, establish, protect, enforce and defend their valuable intellectual property.

Indiano & McConnell LLP is Different from Other IP Law Firms

Indiano & McConnell LLP offers several distinct advantages over other IP law firms. With more than 15 years of IP legal expertise ,Indiano & McConnell LLP exclusively focuses on intellectual property law. Over the years, Indiano & McConnell LLP has filed and protected hundreds of patents and trademarks for companies around the world. The firm concentrates its IP legal practice areas on select segments of the technical and industrial sectors including technology/ software, medical devices, electronics and electrical devices, mechanical equipment and clean energy/ green technology. Its clients range in size from early-stage start up to global Fortune 500 corporations. As active IP legal counsel, the firm helps its clients validate, establish, protect, monitor, defend and litigate their high value trademarks, patents, copyrights and trade secrets.

Success Stories

Indiano & McConnell LLP Enforces Trademark Rights for Toy Manufacturer

Indianapolis trademark attorney, Dean McConnell, of Indiano & McConnell LLP enforced the trademark rights for toy manufacturer, KM Innovations LLC, by bringing suit against LTD Commodities…
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