One of the Most Trusted Trademark Law Firms

Indiano & McConnell LLP is one of the most trusted trademark law firms specializing in IP protection for technical & industrial products such as technology/ software, medical devices, electronics, mechanical equipment and clean energy/ green technology.

Trademark Law Legal Services

Indiano & McConnell LLP offers comprehensive trademark law legal services. These include:

  • Trademark Searches + Trademark Legal Opinions
  • Trademark Due Diligence
  • Trademark Application Preparation, Registration + Prosecution
  • Trademark Licensing + Trademark License Management
  • Trademark Contracts + Trademark Agreements
  • Post Trademark Grant Monitoring, Renewals + Protection
  • Trademark Litigation
  • International Trademark Representation
  • Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Proceedings

Indiano & McConnell LLP is Different from Other Trademark Attorneys

Brand recognition is one of the most important intellectual property assets a company has to promote and sell its products and services. Obtaining and protecting trademarks and business names is extremely important because of the goodwill that is symbolized by these intellectual property assets. Indiano & McConnell LLP has obtained hundreds of registered trademarks on behalf of clients. In addition to obtaining trademark protection for clients, the firm also has extensive experience enforcing trademarks in federal courts.  Further,Indiano & McConnell LLP has experience in representing clients in front of the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board in matters such as trademark cancellation and opposition proceedings.Indiano & McConnell LLP offers a distinct advantage over other trademark attorneys. In addition to prosecuting trademark applications and litigation,Indiano & McConnell LLP has a vast amount of experience in searching and clearing trademarks for use, licensing, due diligence in acquisitions, and U.S. Customs records.Indiano & McConnell LLP is also able to assist clients in obtaining foreign trademark protection through its network of foreign associates.

Unfair Competition Law

Indiano & McConnell LLP is capable of protecting and defending clients in the field of unfair competition law.  Unfair competition law includes trade dress infringement, false advertising, deceptive trade practices, misappropriation, passing off, defamation, right of publicity, parody, counterfeiting and related issues.Indiano & McConnell LLP also has experience in dealing with issues that arise with the use of trademarks on the Internet.

Success Stories

Indiano & McConnell LLP Enforces Trademark Rights for Toy Manufacturer

Indianapolis trademark attorney, Dean McConnell, of Indiano & McConnell LLP enforced the trademark rights for toy manufacturer, KM Innovations LLC, by bringing suit against LTD Commodities…
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