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Indiano & McConnell LLP is one of the most trusted patent law firms specializing in IP protection for technical & industrial products such as technology/ software, medical devices, electronics, mechanical equipment and clean energy/ green technology.

Patent Law Legal Services

Indiano & McConnell LLP offers comprehensive patent law legal services. These include:

  • Patent Searches + Patent Legal Opinions (patentability, infringement + validation)
  • Patent Due Diligence
  • Patent Application Preparation, Prosecution + Issuance
  • Patent Licensing + Patent License Management
  • Patent Contracts + Patent Agreements
  • Post Patent Grant Monitoring, Renewals + Protection
  • Patent Litigation
  • International Trade Commission (ITC) Proceedings Representation
  • U.S. Customs and Borders Patent Protection

Indiano & McConnell LLP is Different from Other Patent Attorneys

A patent allows its owner to exclude other from making, using, selling, importing, or distributing the patented invention.  Patents are the driving force behind today’s economy and provide a solid foundation for business success.  A patent is requested by filing a written patent application with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.  An application must contain enough information in it to allow a person of ordinary skill in the art to make and use the invention.  The application also includes one or more claims that define what a patent covers or the “scope of the invention.” Indiano & McConnell LLP offers a distinct advantage over other patent  attorneys. Over the last 15 years, Indiano & McConnell LLP has written hundreds of patent applications that have resulted in the issuance of patents for clients in a wide range of technical and industrial sectors.

Once filed, the application enters the patent prosecution phase where it is reviewed by a patent examiner to determine whether or not the invention is new and non-obvious.  If the patent application is deemed by the patent examiner not to be novel or obvious based on prior art, the patent examiner will issue an Office action, to which the applicant for patent may respond.  This process may continue several times until either the patent application is allowed or finally rejected. Indiano & McConnell LLP also has extensive experience in patent prosecution and has obtained hundreds of patents for technology and industrial products.  Patent prosecution can be an extremely difficult process and Indiano & McConnell LLP is well versed in all of the rules and regulations of the U.S. Patent Office. Contact the firm today to schedule a legal consultation!

Success Stories

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