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Indiano & McConnell LLP is one of the most trusted mechanical device law firms with over 15 years of experience protecting and enforcing its clients’ IP rights. The firm specializes in patent law for mechanical device manufacturers of all sizes.

Formerly employed by a machine shop, Dean McConnell, the founder of Indiano & McConnell LLP is well versed in mechanical device intellectual property law. He has hands-on experience taking machines and mechanical devices from concept to commercialization. This includes active participation in the entire product development process from complex engineering design drawings to machine shop trials to manufacturing of prototypes. Today, Indiano & McConnell LLP offers expertise in protecting various aspects of intellectual property for a wide range of mechanical inventions. This includes preparing, obtaining and prosecuting patent applications for medical devices, engine designs, filtration systems, paintball guns, and emissions systems. Indiano & McConnell LLP can help manufacturers clear products, prepare patentability opinions, conduct validity and invalidity studies, prepare and file patent applications, design around existing patents, and provide infringement / non-infringement opinions.

Mechanical Device Intellectual Property Legal Protection

As one of the most trusted mechanical device intellectual property law firms,I/ ndiano & McConnell LLP offers IP asset protection and enforcement  through these legal services:

  • Patent Due Diligence for Mechanical Device IP Assets
  • Patent Application Issuance for Mechanical Device IP Assets
  • Patent Litigation for Mechanical Device IP Assets
  • Post Patent Monitoring, Renewals + Protection for Mechanical Device IP Assets
  • License Agreements + License Management for Mechanical Device IP Assets
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